Corporate & Private Entertainment: The World Famous Floorshow

As guests enter they are met by the big band sound of The Craig McMurdo Dance Orchestra and then, to add even further to the "WOW Factor", as they take their seats the house lights dim and the night explodes with sound and colour as the band, singers and dancers transform the room into a classic Supper Club of the Hollywood era. Solo piano, a jazz trio and the smokey tones of torch songs sung by a glamorous female vocalist set the mood with background music while the guests dine. Then, in the natural break between courses of the dinner guests are treated to more spectacular cabaret production numbers.

Craig and the cast perform a series of stunning West End style cabarets throughout the meal that rival Las Vegas and would make The Rat Pack proud. Glamour, breath-taking production numbers, vocal harmonies, magical music and the hottest band in the country alternate with sophisticated background music to lead us through to a colourful finale of feathers and high kicks.

A short comfort break and the band & singers return to the stage. Now itís the turn of the guests to take to the floor and dance the night away. Craig and the band shift up a gear and perform their legendary mix of classic swing, 60's & 70's soul, rock n roll and pop hits, ensuring that the dance floor is always full.

Choreography by Lynne Bustard.

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